Political Economy Group Workshop:
Beyond crises and traps in Southeast Asia, May 15-16, 2015

We are pleased to announce the timetable for the coming ESP Political Economy Group Workshop 2015, “Beyond crises and traps in Southeast Asia Reshaping economic strategies, social policies and political configurations”, which will be held on May 15 and 16, 2015.
We look forward to active participation of you in this workshop.

Keiichi Tsunekawa, Khoo Boo Teik and Motoko Kawano
Workshop Conveners

May 15 (Venue: Meeting Room 1A&B, GRIPS)

Opening Remarks   10:00-10:05
Takashi Shiraishi  (President, GRIPS)

Introduction   10:05 –10:40
Keiichi Tsunekawa, Khoo Boo Teik and Motoko Kawano (GRIPS)

Session I   Political Economy: Achievements and Prospects I   10:40 –12:40
Chair: Keiichi Tsunekawa (GRIPS)

1  Yuri Sato (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE –JETRO)
Indonesia and Transitions of Political Economy since 1997

2  Lee Hwok Aun (University of Malaya)
Inequalities and transformation agendas in Malaysia

Discussants: Nobuhiro Aizawa (Kyusyu University), Satoru Kumagai (IDE –JETRO)

Q&A and Discussion

Lunch   12:30 –14:00

Session II    Political Economy: Achievements and Prospects II   14:00 –17:00
Chair: Khoo Boo Teik (GRIPS)

1  Yusuke Takagi (GRIPS)
The Politics of Social Policy Reform: Contested Policymaking in the Philippines

2  Akira Suehiro (University of Tokyo)
Avoiding the Middle-income Trap and New Strategy of Family Business in Thailand

3  Ryo Ikebe (Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO)
Prospects of Vietnam’s Industrialization deepening the International Division of Labor Structure with China

Discussants: Fumiharu Mieno (Kyoto University), Veerayooth Kanchoochat (GRIPS)

Q&A and Discussion



May 16 (Venue: Meeting Room 1A&B, GRIPS)

Session III   Sectors and Industries: Competitiveness and Politics I   10:00 –12:00
Chair: Takeshi Onimaru (Kyusyu University)

1  Mai Fujita (Institute of Developing Economies (IDE –JETRO)
Vietnam’s industrialization in the WTO era: strategies and realities

2  Patarapong Intarakumnnerd (GRIPS)
Technological Capability Development and Innovation in Thailand after Financial Crisis: The Cases of Electronics, Automotive and Frozen Seafood Industries

Discussants: Tetsushi Sonobe (GRIPS), Toshihiro Kudo (GRIPS)

Q&A and Discussion

Lunch   12:00 –13:00

Session IV    Sectors and Industries: Competitiveness and Politics II   13:00 –16:00
Chair: Yoichi Mine (Doshisya University)

1  Antoinette R. Raquiza (University of the Philippines)
Politics, governance and the services sector in the Philippines

2  Motoko Kawano (GRIPS)
Competitiveness and institutional politics in the rubber industry of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

3  Wahyu Prasetawan (Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University)
Development on Mining and Political Settlements in Indonesia: An Institutional Assessment to the Effort to Downstream Industry

Discussants: Khoo Boo Teik (GRIPS), Koichi Kawamura (IDE –JETRO)

Q&A and Discussion

Session V    General Discussion   16:00 –17:00
Chair: Yuri Sato (IDE –JETRO)

Closing Remarks   17:00-17:05

Keiichi Tsunekawa (GRIPS)