A01 Public offering(2014-2015) KEOLA

Research Topic: Locations of States and Economic Developments

KEOLA Souknilanh (Economic Integration Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center)

The purpose of this research is twofold. Fist it aims to visualize locations of states with micro-geographical data. Specifically, it seeks to visualize states through roads, which is one of the most basic and indispensable states’ facilities, among major public infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, government buildings etc. Second, it attempts to quantify locations of states using many spatial indices such as clustering and autocorrelation; compute sectorial GRP (gross regional products) with remote sensing data, in order to estimate relationships between locations and growth, or narrowly defined economic developments.

Since big data analysis is indispensable in this research, the following five tasks, namely, (i) hardware environment preparation, (ii) data making, (iii) literatures review, (iv) hypothesis testing, and (v) research outputs, constitute the main parts of this project. (i), (ii), and (iii) have been, in principle, completed in fiscal year of 2014. Necessary equipment has been put in place, so several gigabytes of data can be efficiently processed by external super computers. Free and commercial global spatial data, of both domestic and foreign sources, have been collected and aggregated by subnational regional level, or the spatial unit of analysis of this particular research project. Literatures are reviewed in an interdisciplinary manner, covering researches in many fields such as political sciences, history, anthropology, natural sciences, in addition to economics. Tasks (i) to (iii) have been practically completed, and their results are ready to be utilized in tasks (iv) and (v) in fiscal year of 2015.