(English) Keiichi TSUNEKAWA





Educational Background:

1971   B.A.,College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

1973   M.A., Graduate School, Division of Sociology, University of Tokyo

1989     Ph.D.(Political Science), Cornell University


Academic and Professional Career:

1980  Research Associate, University of Tokyo

1981  Associate Professor, University of Tokyo

1991  Professor, University of Tokyo

Apr. 2008  Professor, GRIPS

Oct. 2008  Vice-President of JICA & Director of JICA Research Institute
    Visiting Professor, GRIPS

2011-Present   Vice President and Senior Professor, GRIPS

Senior Research Advisor, JICA Research Institute



Field of Specialization: Comparative Politics, International Political Economy

Role in the Project: Latin American Studies Overall management of the project


Main Publications:

“Old Japan, New Japan: Explaining the Changing Nature of Japan’s Political Economy,”  Political Science in Asia, 3(1/2), 37-59, 2007/08.

Hikaku seiji ―Chunanbei [Comparative Politics: Latin America], Hoso Daigaku Kyoiku Shinkokai , 201 pages, 2008.

“Raten amerika no seiji ―Ken’i shugi taisei kara minshusei e” [Politics in Latin America: From Authoritarianism to Democracy],” Latin America Jiho, No.1385, 13-19, 2009.

“Kisei kanwa no seiji katei ―Nani ga kawattanoka?” [ Political Process of Deregulation: What has changed?] , in S. Teranishi, ed., Kozo mondai to kisei kanwa [Structural Problems and Deregulation], Keio Univ.Press, 77-147, 2010.

“Capacity Traps and Legitimacy Traps: Development Assistance and State Building in Fragile Situation,” coauthored with S. Takeuchi and R. Murotani, in Kharas, Homi, K. Makino & W. Jung, eds., Catalyzing
Development: A New Vision for Aid
, Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 127-54, 2011.

“Chuto/kita-afurika ni okeru seiji hendo no kyakkanteki yoin to shukanteki yoin” [Objective and Subjective Factors in Political Transformation in Middle East and North Africa], Chiiki Kenkyu, Vol.12. No.1., 55-66, 2012.

“Kaihatu enjo ―Senryaku enjo to kokusai koken ”[Development Assistance: National Strategy vs.International Contributions], in R. Oshiba, ed., Nippon no gaiko 5 : Taigai seisaku kadai hen [Diplomacy of Japan Vol.5 : Issues in Foreign Policy ], Iwanami Shoten, 173-97, 2013.

“State-Building, Economic Development, and Democracy in Modern Japan 1868-1968,” in K. Otsuka & T. Shiraishi, eds., State Building and Development, Routledge, forthco