Hayami Conference 2014-Revised Schedule

Revised schedule (December 25) of the Hayami Conference 2014, to be held on Jan. 10th and 11th, 2015 is as follows:

Each presentation: 40 min
Discussant: 10 min
Floor discussion: 10 min

Hayami Conference 2014

Saturday, January 10

Session 1  9:00 – 12:15

Chair: Kurosaki (Hitotsubashi)

Opening remark (on brief history, organizers, & keynote speaker)

9:15      Fields (Cornell). “Employment, Development, and Skills”

Employment, Development, and Skills (ppt)

Discussant: Otsuka (GRIPS)

10:15    Tanaka (Stanford). “Does exporting improve firm performance? Evidence from Myanmar”

Discussant: Sonobe (GRIPS)

11:15      Yokoo (National Institute for Environmental Studies). “How to promote a job change of dumpsite waste pickers? Evidence from a field experiment in the Philippines”

Discussant: Higuchi (GRIPS)


Session 2  13:15 – 19:30

Chair: Sonobe (GRIPS)

13:15    Mandy Shen. “Peer effect and behavioral outcomes: Evidence from natural and artefactual field experiment in China”

Discussant: Kazuya Masuda (GRIPS)

14:15     Sawada (Tokyo). “How does a natural disaster affect people’s preference? An investigation of a large scale flood in the Philippines using the convex time budget experiments”

Discussant: Jonna Estudillo (GRIPS)

Coffee break

Chair: Takasaki (Tsukuba)

15:30     Yamano (IRRI). “How does drought-tolerant rice help farmers? Evidence from  randomized control trials in eastern India”

Discussant: Matsumoto (GRIPS)

16:30     Nakano (Tsukuba). “Social learning in technology adoption: Spatial econometric analysis of rice farmers in Tanzania”

Discussant: Kajisa (Aoyama)

17:30     Kono (Kyoto). “Using DVD lectures to improve academic performance of rural high schoolers”

Discussant: Nazmul Chaudhury (World Bank)


Sunday, January 11

Session 3  9:30 – 12:30

Chair: Kajisa (Aoyama)

9:30       Goto (Hitotsubashi). “The impacts of self-help group programs: Experimental and survey evidence from south India.”

Discussant: Yamauchi (GRIPS)

10:30     Saumik Paul (Nottingham). “Export ban pass-through on retail and wholesale prices: A case study of maize markets in Kenya and Tanzania”

Discussant: Tanaka (Stanford)

11:30      Takasaki (Tsukuba). “Is antenatal care effective?:  Experimental evidence from rural Nigeria”

Discussant: Fred Manang (GRIPS)


Session 4  13:30 – 16:30

Chair: Sawada (Tokyo)

13:30    Abu Shonchoy (IDE). “Economic impact of political protests (strikes) on firms: Evidence from Bangladesh”

Discussant:  Minhaj Mahmud (BRAC University)

14:30     Kogure (Hitotsubashi). “Conflict, institutions, and economic behavior: Legacies of the Cambodian Genocide”

Discussant:  Pablo Selaya (Copenhagen)

15:30  Yanagizawa-Drott (Harvard). “The legacy of political mass killings: Evidence from the Rwandan genocide”

Discussant: Takasaki (Tsukuba)