Tokyo Network Workshop(3)

Tokyo Network Workshop

Advances in multi-disciplinary research of
networks, environment, development, and space

Room 14, Bldg No. 1, School of Engineering , University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus,

November 8 (Sat) & 9 (Sun), 2014


Tokyo Network Workshop will take place for the second time at the University of Tokyo. The workshop is invitational and the speakers have been selected among top researchers in the field of social network analysis from universities in Europe, the United States, and Australia. In addition to the common network language, the background of the participants spans disciplines from mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, and computer science to economics, psychology, ecology, communication, and anthropology.

The first session of the workshop will focus on new methodological developments in the fields of social network analysis with a particular emphasis on the participants’ recent methodological advances in dynamic analysis of longitudinal network data. The second session will focus on socio-environmental interactions, quantified by application of the network paradigm. The third session will focus on firm networks in various aspects including disaster resilience and recovery. Opening and closing discussion sessions will be included in the workshop to enable the participants to advance their international and interdisciplinary collaborations.


November 8 (Sat.)


9:00-12:00      Recent advances in methods for social network analysis

                         Martin Everett, New network centrality measures and software advances for network analysis

                         Johan Koskinen, Recent advances in dynamic network analysis

                         Shahadat Uddin, Recent advances in dynamic network analysis

                         Elisa Bellotti, Development of rigorous qualitative methods in network research

13:00-17:00    Networks and environment

                         Garry Robins, Multilevel networks and socio-ecological systems

                         Christina Prell, Application of network analytical methods for natural resource management

                          Yoshihisa Kashima, Networks, norms, and environment

                          Jeffrey Johnson, Networks and ecological modelling

                          Petr Matous, Networks and environment at multiple level


November 9 (Sun.)

 9:00-12:00     Networks, firms, and disasters

                          Yasuyuki Todo, Transaction networks and firm performance

                          Yukiko Saito, Global inter-firm ownership network

                          Hiroyasu Inoue, Applying controllability theory to Japanese firms



Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester, Lecturer
Martin Everett, University of Manchester, Professor
Hiroyasu Inoue, Osaka Sangyo University, Associate Professor
Jeffrey Johnson, East Carolina University, Professor
Yoshihisa Kashima, University of Melbourne, Professor
Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester, Lecturer
Petr Matous, the University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor
Christina Prell, University of Maryland, Assistant Professor
Garry Robins, University of Melbourne, Professor
Yukiko Saito, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Senior Fellow
Yasuyuki Todo, Waseda University, Professor
Shahadat Uddin, University of Sydney, Lecturer



Prior registration is encouraged (though not necessary). If you are interested in joining the workshop, please contact Ms. Mika Tsunoda at



Room 14, Bldg No. 1, School of Engineering (工学部1号館) , University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus

8-minute walk from Hongosanchome Station (Marunouchi Line)

8-minute walk from Hongosanchome Station (Oedo Line)

8-minute walk from Yushima Station or Nezu Station (Chiyoda Line)

1-minute walk from Todaimae Station (Nanboku Line)