Tokyo Network Workshop(2)

Tokyo Network Workshop

Advances in multi-disciplinary research of
networks, environment, development, and space

Bldg No. 1, School of Engineering , University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus, September 8&9 2014



November 7

                  Pre-workshop discussions

November 8

9:00-12:00          Recent advances in methods for social network analysis
            Martin Everett –advances in SNA
            Johan Koskinen – dynamic network analysis
            Shahadat Uddin – dynamic network analysis
                                Elisa Bellotti –qualitative methods in SNA

13:00-17:00        Networks and environment
            Garry Robins – multilevel networks and socio-ecological systems
            Christina Prell – networks and natural resource management
            Yoshihisa Kashima – networks, norms, and environment
            Jeffrey Johnson – networks and ecological modelling
            Petr Matous – networks and environment at multiple levels

November 9

9:00-12:00          Networks, organizations, and disasters
            Yasuyuki Todo + other speakers

 November 10

Post-workshop discussions
Connecting network researchers across disciplines and regions: discussion of potential forms of further collaboration and information exchange

Invited speakers:
Martin Everett, University of Manchester, Professor
Garry Robins, University of Melbourne, Professor
Yoshihisa Kashima, University of Melbourne, Professor
Jeffrey Johnson, East Carolina University, Professor
Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester, Lecturer
Christina Prell, University of Maryland, Assistant Professor
Shahadat Uddin, , University of Sydney, Lecturer
Elisa Bellotti, , University of Manchester, Lecturer