Hayami Conference 2016 (12/10 - 11)

Hayami Conference 2016

Date: December 10 (Sat) & 11 (Sun), 2016

Venue: GRIPS 1st Floor,  Room 1A, 1B, 1C

Conference Day1 (12/10):   10:00 – 17:50

Academic Exchange (12/10):  18:00 – 20:00

Conference Day 2 (12/11):  10:00 – 17:40

Access to GRIPS: Please visit the GRIPS HP http://www.grips.ac.jp/en/about/access/

※On Dec 11 (Sunday), GRIPS main entrance (3rd floor) is closed. Please use 1st floor entrance (South gate).


Guidelines for Presentations and Discussions

Maximum 30 minutes for presentation
Maximum 10 minutes for discussion by assigned discussant, and response by presenter
Maximum 10 minutes for open floor discussion (Q&A)

DAY 1 [December 10th]

9:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-10:10   Opening Remarks


Morning Session: State and Economic Development

Chair: Stephan Litschig


State Capacity, Local Governance, and Economic Development in Vietnam  → (①Dell_text&tables&fig1_HC2016)、(②Dell_fig2&3_HC2016)

Melissa Dell (joint with N. Lane & P. Querubin)

Discussant: Stephan Litschig



Simple Institutions and Social Norms to Escape Poverty Trap: Evidence from Lab and Artefactual Field Experiments in Ethiopia  →   (Mano_HC2016)

Yukichi Mano (joint with J. Goto, G. Abebe, & A. Zefu)

Discussant: Takeshi Aida



Roman Roads to Prosperity ? The long-run impact of infrastructure on economic activity

Pablo Selaya (joint with C-J. Dalgaard, N. Kaarsen, & O. Olsson)

Discussant: Alistair Munro


12:40-1:30   Lunch Break


Afternoon Session 1: Education 1

Chair: Alistair Munro


Unpacking Teacher Professional Development: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of China’s National Teacher Training Program →  (Liu_HC2016)

Chengfang Liu  (joint with P. Loyalka, & G. Li)

Open discussion



Kumon method of learning: RCT-based evaluation of a globally popular nonformal education program  in disadvantaged communities of Bangladesh

Mai Seki (joint with Y. Sawada, A. Le, M. Mahmud, & H. Kawarazaki)

Discussant: Yuki Higuchi


3:10-3:20   Coffee/ Tea Break


Afternoon Session 2: Health

Chair: Nazmul Chaudhury


Why is Levirate Marriage Eroding in Africa? HIV/AIDS as an Agent of Institutional Change →  (Kudo_HC2016)

Yuya Kudo

Discussant: Booyuel Kim



The Quality of Primary Care in Rural China: Evidence from Undercover Patients

Sean Sylvia

Discussant: Nazmul Chaudhury



When Mass Male Circumcision Fails to Prevent HIV and HSV-2 Infections

Hyuncheol Bryant Kim (joint with J. Jung, B. Kim & C. Pop-Eleches)

Discussant: Yoshito Takasaki


6:00-8:00   Reception @ GRIPS 1F, Participation Fee 3,000 Yen


DAY 2 [December 11th]

9:30-10:00 Registration

Morning Session: Education 2

Chair: Kei Kajisa


Migration, Schooling Choice and Student Outcomes in China → (Wang_HC2016)

Xiaobing Wang (joint with Y. Bai, L. Zhang, & S. Rozelle)

Discussant: Kei Kajisa



Dynamics of School Progression in Andhra Pradesh, India: The Role of Gender and Job Opportunities in a Transforming Economy →  (Nakajima_HC2016)

Maki Nakajima(joint with K. Otsuka and Y. Kijima)

Discussant: Upalat Korwatanasakul



Revisiting the Returns to Education during the Rapid Structural Transformation in Thailand: a regression discontinuity approach →  (Korwatanasakul_HC2016)

Upalat Korwatanasakul (joint with N. Fuwa)

Discussant: Aya Suzuki


12:30-1:10   Lunch Break


Afternoon Session 1: Agriculture

Chair: Aya Suzuki


Shocks and Brave Farmers: Evidence from a Randomized Agricultural Microfinance Experiment in Bangladesh

Mohammad Abdul Malek and Yasuyuki Sawada (joint with M.A. Hossain, & M. Mahmud)

Discussant: Kazushi Takahashi



DNA Fingerprinting for Variety Identification and its implications to Area Estimate and Adoption Studies: Case of Submergence-tolerant Rice in Bangladesh

Takashi Yamano (joint with Z. Huelgas, M.A. Habib, S.K. Das, M.L. Malabayabas, T. Kretzschmar, G. Carino, & M.Y Reveche)

Discussant: Ryo Takahashi


2:50-3:00   Coffee/Tea Break


Afternoon Session 2: Poverty and Labor

Chair: Tomoya Matsumoto


Do migration and remittances alleviate poverty? Evidence from Myanmar → (Zhai_HC2016)

Yalei Zhai(joint with H. Kono)

Discussant: Yoko Kijima



Untangling Disability and Poverty: A Unified Matching Approach with Large-scale Data in South Africa →  (Igei_HC2016)

Kengo Igei

Discussant: Hisaki Kono



Incentives, Self-selection, and Moral Sentiments in the Labor Contract: Field Experiments in the Philippines → (Goto_HC2016)

Jun Goto

Discussant: Tomoya Matsumoto


5:30-5:40   Closing Remarks