Hayami Conference 2017 (12/16-12/17)

Hayami Conference 2017



Date:    Dec. 16-17, 2017

Venue: 1F A, B, & C at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)



Guidelines for Presentation and Discussions

30 min. for presentation + 8 min. for discussant + 7 min. for open floor discussions



DAY 1 (Dec. 16 Saturday)

9:30-9:40 OPENING
9:40-11:00 Chair: Takashi Kurosaki


” Alleviating Extreme Poverty: Evidence from Social Protection, Psychological and Religious Programs in Ghana and the Philippines”

Dean Karlan (Professor of Economics and Finance, Frederic Esser Nemmers Chair, Co-Director, Global Poverty Research Lab, Buffett Institute, Northwestern University)


11:00-11:10 Break


11:10-12:40 SESSION 1

Chair: Keijiro Otsuka

11:10-11:55 “Management Skill, Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Enterprise Survival: Evidence from Randomized Experiments and Repeated Surveys in Vietnam”

Yuki Higuchi (joint with Vu Hoang Nam & Tetsushi Sonobe)

Discussant: Yasuyuki Todo

11:55-12:40 “Empowering Women by Beauty and Hygiene: Evidence from Bangladesh”

Nahoko Mitsuyama (joint with Hisaki Kono, Minhaj Mahmud & Yasuyuki Sawada)

Discussant: Mari Tanaka


12:40-13:20 LUNCH


13:20-15:35 SESSION 2

Chair: Yasuyuki Sawada

13:20-14:05 “Long-term and Spillover Effects of Rice Production Training in Uganda”

Yoko Kijima

Discussant: Jun Goto

14:05-14:50 “T.B.A. (To Be Arbitraged)?: Extensive and Intensive Margin in Rice Trading in Madagascar”

Hisaki Kono (joint with Yutaka Arimoto, Tsilavo Ralandison, Takeshi Sakurai & Kazushi Takahashi)

Discussant: Stephan Litschig

14:50-15:35 “Seasonality of Food Insecurity in Rural Zambia”

Akinori Kitsuki (joint with Takeshi Sakurai)

Discussant: Kei Kajisa

15:35-15:45 BREAK


15:45-18:00 SESSION 3

Chair: Yoshito Takasaki

15:45-16:30 “Order Matters: The Effect of Second-Parent Migration on Student Academic Performance in Northwest China”

Tong Ru (joint with Yu Bai, Michael Neubauer, Yaojiang Shi, Kaleigh Kenny & Scott Rozelle)

Discussant: Yukichi Mano

16:30-17:15 “Sexual Exploitation of Trafficked Children”

Shoji Masahiro (joint with Kenmei Tsubota)

Discussant: Andrew S. Griffen

17:15-18:00 “Effect of Exposure to Armed Conflict on Risk and Time Preferences and Real Life Behavior: Evidence from Northern Uganda”

Benedict Makanga (joint with Yoko Kijima, Tomoya Matsumoto & Chikako Yamauchi)

Discussant: Takeshi Aida





DAY 2 (Dec. 17 Sunday)

9:30-10:50 Chair: Tetsushi Sonobe


“Social Ties, Group Identity and the Delivery of Public Services”

Oriana Bandiera (Sir Anthony Atkinson Professor of Economics and Director of STICERD, London School of Economics and Political Science)


10:50-13:05 SESSION 4

Chair: Yoko Kijima

10:50-11:35 “Fertility and Rural Electrification in Bangladesh”

Tomoki Fujii (joint with Abu S. Shonchoy)

Discussant: Chikako Yamauchi

11:35-12:20 “How Does Adopting New Technology Affect Rural Indonesian Livelihood? The Role of Risk, Credit and Social Learning”

Sachiko Miyata (joint with Yasuyuki Sawada & Ayako Matsuda)

Discussant: Aya Suzuki

12:20-13:05 “The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development”

Pablo Selaya (joint with Carl-Johan Dalgaard & Anne Sofie B. Knudsen)

Discussant: Tomoya Matsumoto