About GIST

About GIST

In January 2012, GRIPS was selected as one of the “SciREX Hub of Institutions” that will take a leading role in collaboration among institutions supported by “Hub Institutions for Fundamental Research and Human Resource Development” under the “Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciREX)” Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

To fulfill this role, GRIPS has established the GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST).

GIST will provide comprehensive education and training programs, which include doctoral and master’s programs, as well as a short-term training program in science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. Through these programs, GIST will foster the development of policy professionals, practitioners, and scholars who will be capable of contributing to planning, designing, implementing, evaluating, and/or revising STI policies while integrating knowledge of diverse disciplines and properly recognizing the inherent societal challenges.

With long-standing collaboration with prominent research institutions in STI policy in Japan, such as The National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) and The Center for Research and Development Strategy of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST-CRDS), GIST will conduct its education and training programs for the promotion of Science for STI Policy.

About the SciREX Hub Institutions for Fundamental Research and Human Resource Development and the Role of GIST

The aim of the Hub Institutions for Fundamental Research and Human Resource Development under the MEXT’s SciREX program is “to promote international-level research and human resource development at the graduate schools selected as Hub Institutions for educating experts of evidence-based policy making as well as researchers who shall deepen and expand the emerging research field of ‘science of STI policy’ (cited form SciREX website).” Additionally, “While a transdisciplinary curriculum is provided at each Hub Institution, an effective networking mechanism that enables national systematic human resource development through collaboration among the Institutions shall also be constructed (ibid.).

” As part of the ”Hub of Institutions,” GIST will contribute to the promotion and development of human resources in “Science for STI Policy” by fostering the development of future leaders in STI policy-making and research as well as leading the inter-hub collaboration with four Field Pioneering Institutions. GIST will conduct these activities in cooperation with other SciREX programs.

Links to SciREX Field Pioneering Hub Institutions

Inter-hub Collaborative Programs

Summer Camps
Faculty members and students in SciREX Hub Institutions get together. The camp will, through discussions and workshops, provide them opportunities for mutual interaction and network building.
International symposiums
SciREX hub institutions will co-organize international symposiums, sharing information on domestic and international activities as well as expanding human networks.
Policy planning workshop (tentative title)
Interactive discussions with administrative officials, politicians, entrepreneurs and others will be held to deliver research findings and insights to society as well as to understand actual societal needs while giving participants an opportunity to build their networks.
Promoting exchange of faculty members and students
Promoting the exchanges of faculty members and students among SciREX hub institutions would enable us to share and make use of limited resources and would reinforce the inter-hub networks.
Delivering research output to the wider society
Through the portal website of SciREX Hub Institutions for Fundamental Research and Human Resource Development, we will deliver the research results and reports of our educational activities to the wider society.
Opportunities will be provided for students in SciREX hub institutions to engage in the actual activities of policy making, research management, societal problem solving and so on.
Publications of Science for STI Policy
SciREX hub institutions will cooperate in editing publications to widely disseminate the cumulative knowledge, insights and latest research findings in the field of Science for STI Policy. We hope that these publications will be able to help policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders address the various problems they will face.
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