I'm a professor of Economics, Director of the Policy Analysis Programme (a 5 year Economics PhD) and Executive Advisor to the President at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) or 政策研究大学院大学.

My BA is in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Warwick. Both of my postgraduate degrees (MPhil and DPhil) are from the University of Oxford. I came to Japan in 2008 from Royal Holloway, University at London where I was a professor from September 2005. I was at the University of East Anglia in Norwich from 1991-2005 and before that I was a lecturer at the University of Stirling.

My major research interests centre on: Intra-Household decisions, Environmental Economics, Bounded Rationality & Public Policy and Public Economics. I use experiments as well as theory and field data.

In Uttar Pradesh Kano State, Nigeria site Ian Bateman and Alistair Munro


Representative Publications

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2015 Munro, Alistair & Valente, Marieta, Green goods: are they good or bad news for the environment? Evidence from a laboratory experiment on impure public goods, Environmental and Resource Economics

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Email: alistair-munro at grips.ac.jp