Stephan Litschig


Research Interests


  1. "Are Rules-based Government Programs Shielded from Special-Interest Politics? Evidence from Revenue-Sharing Transfers in Brazil," UPF Working Paper 1144, Journal of Public Economics, 2012, 96: 1047-1060.
  2. "The Impact of Intergovernmental Transfers on Education Outcomes and Poverty Reduction," with Kevin M. Morrison, AEJ: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(4): 206-240. Online appendix.
  3. "Saving Lives: Evidence from a Conditional Food Supplementation Program," with Marian Meller, BGSE Working Paper 609, Journal of Human Resources, 2014, 49(4): 1017-1055. Online appendix.
  4. "Adapting the Supply of Education to the Needs of Girls: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Rural India," with Marian Meller, BGSE Working Paper 805, Journal of Human Resources, 2016, 51(3): 760-802. Online appendix.
  5. "Audit Risk and Rent Extraction: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Brazil," with Yves Zamboni, BGSE Working Paper 554, Journal of Development Economics, 2018, 134: 133-148. Online appendix.
  6. "Which Tail Matters? Inequality and Growth in Brazil," with María Lombardi, GRIPS Discussion Paper 18-23 with online appendix, Journal of Economic Growth, 2019, 24(2): 155-187.
  7. "Policy Choices in Assembly vs. Representative Democracy: Evidence from Swiss Communes," with Patricia Funk, GRIPS Discussion Paper 19-27, Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming. Online appendix.

Working Papers

  1. "Long-run Impacts of Intergovernmental Transfers," with Irineu de Carvalho Filho, BGSE Working Paper 718, R & R, Journal of Human Resources. Online appendix.
  2. "Judicial Presence and Rent Extraction," with Yves Zamboni, GRIPS Discussion Paper 19-20 with online appendix.
  3. "Can Audits Backfire? Evidence from Public Procurement in Chile," with Maria Paula Gerardino and Dina Pomeranz, NBER Working Paper 23978.

Work in Progress

  1. "Measuring Corruption in Public Works Projects: Evidence from Contractors' Internal Records", with Aamer Shahid.